Acme Bros. is a brotherhood of close friends dedicated to enhancing the lives of the family and friends around them. Whether planning fanciful events, constructing peculiar products, or celebrating life milestones, the Acme Bros. channel their diverse talents towards learning, fun and entertainment.

Over the past 37 years, the legacy of Acme Events has grown to include neighborhood Haunted Houses, Acme Christmas Parties, Blue Moon Celebrations, The Great Reunion, Weddings & Anniversaries and Milestone Birthdays.  For many years, Acme Bros. provided charitable support for The Silver Tongue Competition, a fundraiser for The McAlister Institute, by constructing Stage Sets for the events.

Products have also documented the Acme timeline. Items such as the Ping Pong Ball Machine, Waterballoon Cannons, Marshmallow Guns, Silk Teepee, Pig Spit, Acme Board Game, Acme 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Acme Glovecatcher and the Golf Ball Cannon have all garnered attention.

In recent years, the Acme Bros. have hosted the Annual Acme Invitational Golf Tournament, an unusual golfing experience which blends zany Acme entertainment with the game of Golf. Perfect for beginning and experienced golfers alike.

Acme Bros. - A Name You Can Trust

ac·me  [ak-mee] –noun- the highest point; summit; peak:

"The empire was at the acme of its power."

[Origin: 1610–20; < Greek akme > point, highest point, extremity]


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