Weddings & Anniversaries

History of Acme Weddings and Anniversaries
Year Name/Description Person Anniversary
1983 Tuxedo Gorilla w/Balloon Toast Ted & Linda Wedding
1983 Catalina Express Tour Jim & Cathy Wedding
1990 The Newlywed Show Dennis & Beth  Wedding
1991 Cupid and Hot Air Balloons Mike & Terry Wedding
  Ball and Chain Dave & Melodie Wedding
  Just Married Confetti Drop Pat & LeeAnne Wedding
1995 Rose Petals and Butterfly Net Gary & Kim Horn Wedding
2003 Reception Parade Mike & Brenda Morey Wedding
1988 Blue Moon Cafe Bob & Phyllis 45th Anniversary
1993 This Is Your Life Bob & Phyllis 50th Anniversary
2008 Blue Moon Cafe Jim & Cathy 25th Anniversary
2003 Golden Anniversary Don & Jan 50th Anniversary


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